Bill of Sale Template

________________ (Name) seller of ________________ (address) ________________ (city) ________________ Shire ________________ (state) in consideration of _____________ Dollars ($___) paid me by ________________ (name) buyer of ________________ (address) ________________ Shire ________________ (state) receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do grant, sell, transfer and deliver to buyer the following goods:

(Describe in detail)

Buyer shall have all rights and title to the goods in ________________ (himself or herself) and ________________ (his or her) executors, administrators and assigns.

Seller is the [lawful owner] and/or [appointed administrator/broker]of the goods and the goods are free from all encumbrances. Seller has good right to sell the goods and will warrant and defend the right against the lawful claims and demands of all persons.

In witness whereof, seller has executed this bill of sale at ________________ (designate place of execution) on this (date) _______ day of _______ 20 ___.

Signature [Seller]

Signature [Buyer]

Witnessed by:


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