Boat Bill of Sale

1. Introduction. This Boat Bill of Sale made [date] between [name], with principal offices at [address] (Seller), and [name], with principal offices at [address] (Buyer), for the sale and delivery of a used boat.

2. Description of Boat. Seller will sell and deliver to Buyer a boat described as follows: [manufacturer, model, year, serial number]. The boat will be equipped with [number and type] engines and other equipment now on such boat, except [specify equipment].

3. Purchase Price. The purchase price is ---------- dollars ($----------), payable in full upon delivery of the aboat, by cashier check drawn upon a local bank.

4. Seller's Representations and Warranties. Seller makes the following representations and warranties, which shall survive the closing of the sale:

[fully describe details of boat and terms & conditions]

a. Seller Is Sole Owner. Seller is the sole owner of the boat and has full right and power to sell and transfer it.

b. No Liens, Caveats or Encumbrances. The boat is free from any security interest or other lien or encumbrance.

c. Suits, Judgments, Etc. No judgments exist against Seller nor are there any executions, attachments, or replevins outstanding against Seller. Seller is not a defendant or respondent in any action or proceeding. No petition in bankruptcy or for an arrangement of creditors has been filed by or against Seller nor has Seller taken advantage of any insolvency laws.

d. Condition of boat. Seller specifically disclaims any warranties as to the physical and mechanical condition of the boat. Buyer acknowledges inspecting the boat and is purchasing it "as is." Seller will maintain the boat in its present condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted, until it is delivered to Buyer. Seller has owned the boat since [date].

5. Delivery of boat. The boat will be delivered to Buyer at [address], on [date]. At the time of delivery, Seller will execute all forms needed to transfer ownership of the boat in conformity with the applicable requirements of the (name of local/State marine authourity) department of __________________.



Witnessed by:

Name: ___________________


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